25 Random Facts About Me

1. I use my middle finger instead of my pointer finger, for everything. It’s horrifying. I pretty much go through life flipping everyone off.

2. I once won a car in a “Survivor” contest in Vermont. I camped out in a tent for a week, with just white rice to eat, and had to outwit, outplay, and outlast 5 strangers. When I made it to the final two, we had to balance on a cinder block at an incline and hold on to the car (a Saturn SC1, with a sound system worth more than the vehicle itself). My opponent let go after 8.5 hours and I drove away the champion.

3. I am a pizzaholic. I would have no problem eating pizza (preferably thin crust, Neopolitan style) every day for the rest of my life.

4. Sometimes I go to the movies to feel closer to my mom. She was an avid movie goer when she was alive, often seeing the same film a handful of times with different groups of friends. She ate popcorn and Milk Duds, a tradition my son and I carry on to this day.

5. The last movie the three of us saw together in the theatre was Despicable Me.

6. I love cooking and baking equally, which is rare for a chef wannabe.

7. I much prefer listening to music over watching television. 80s music, in particular, is my cure-all.

8. I bungee jumped twice in Cancun, Mexico. Pre-momhood, of course.

9. I Google obsessively. Seriously, I have a problem.

10.My pet peeves: People who hang coats on chairs instead of the closet, people who abuse the reply-all function on email to make themselves look busier/smarter/more important than they are, and people who are assholes. I also can’t stand people who write “your stupid” with a straight face. Who’s the stupid one? You’re the stupid one, my friend.

11. I am an unapologetic coffee snob.

12. My best friend from Kindergarten and I are still close. We bonded because we share the same name but with a different spelling–Jodi Lyn and Jody Lynn–and never looked back. Fittingly, she is the illustrator of my first children’s book, When You Lived in my Belly.

13. I can’t help but stop and watch all of the Rocky movies on television even though I own them all. I will stay up until 4:00 a.m. if needed. Why I choose to willingly watch a movie hundreds of times with commercials, at all hours of the night, I will never know.

14. My husband played the proposal scene from Rocky II right before he dropped to his knee to ask for my hand in marriage.

15. I got the chicken pox when I was a junior in High School. When my friends came to pick me up to see a concert the night I discovered the outbreak–which was so bad it included my eyeballs!–I would only talk to them with a paper bag over my head. It was the 80s (no cellphones to successfully cancel in advance) and I was ridiculously vain.

16. I awkwardly sniff books and baked goods. It’s a bizarre compulsion I simply can’t control.

17.I despise getting my nails done but adore a pedicure.

18. My favorite color is red. Could you tell by my website design? It was my beloved mom’s favorite color, too.

19. I am sensitive to light for no known reason. I would have been one hell of a cave woman.

20. I light candles when I want to have a solid writing session. It’s a ritual.

21. My signature dessert is a buttermilk coconut cake that is so sinfully good (hello butter and cream cheese) I only make it during the holidays.

22. I can spot typos a mile away. It’s involuntary. I sometimes miss them in my own work, but never on signs or menus.

23. I find driving cathartic. I do some of my best thinking in the car, with the appropriate mood music playing in the background.

24. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years.

25. The number one word in the English dictionary, in my opinion, is “fuck.” It is so utilitarian–accurately describing everything from pain to pleasure, from love to hate–in many grammatical categories. What the fuck is better than that?